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2014-05-20 22:48:22 (UTC)

To succeed, you must dare to fail

I made a decision today…and feel excited, sad, frightened, scared, hopeful….all mix into a deadly cocktail of emotions.

I will give my wife the custody of the children and the house. What that means is that the only things I have in this world are my current possessions (a 10 year old Benz, an 18 years old Honda and some clothes)…and lots of debt.

I will then resign from my Job and have no steady income again!

I will propose to her that she gets custody of the children and the house on the basis that I have access to the children (we can work out the visits/stay) and I don’t have to pay any household bills or children’s welfare for a period of time until I get back on my feet. I still need to come up with something more specific than ‘a period of time’.

I think I may have someone that wants to invest in the business ideas I have, so I am going to ‘dare to fail’ and go for it. I say I am left with just a few possessions and debts…that is not strictly true….I still have my brain and more importantly my desire and drive to succeed. It is like a juggernaut that takes no hostages…

I need to immerse myself in prayer that God will guide me to the right path and as I travel along this path he keeps me focused and disciplined.

To be honest I am just a passenger to the determination and desire that is driving me, there is only one winner, I have no choice but to go with it. It is pushing every cell in my body towards ‘daring to fail’.

I don’t know how I will cope/react to not seeing the children on a day to day basis (and knowing this is a permanent fixture), living permanently outside what use to be my house or even without my wife (or ex) of 14 years. Unfortunately there is no alternative I can’t stay in my nest, I have to fly out and attain what is my destiny, so help me God.