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2014-05-19 22:18:08 (UTC)

Long-time Diary

Long-time Diary.

I have just been keeping my nose clean trying to get on with things.

I am hampered by finances but still ploughing away to get to my ultimate goal in my business which is to run my own empire and then use my resources to make a difference no matter how little.

I am very much over my marriage now. Yes there is still a bit of resentment now and again but generally I feel good and very comfortable with what we achieved together but it is time to move on. I hope I can ultimately move on with no anger. I still believe our relationship would develop to be cordial especially when we start living apart.

I can she all her plans with the children. Doing super mum, it’s all part of her plans to lay claims to her custody aspirations. She even refuses for me to drop them in school! The irony is that I actually think they are better off with her and I would have them now and again as I envisage that when my business kicks off (very soon) I would be travelling a lot.

I am truly happy within myself and feel free and liberated. All that dark cloud circling above me are now gone. No more beating myself up, all that is in the past.

One strange thing is beginning to happen to me though which is quite positive. I get episodes and cravings for companionship not sex but companionship. Genuine companionship. I think it is a beautiful thing.