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2014-05-19 16:33:55 (UTC)

Conversations With Myself, Part Two

"Trojans" by Atlas Genius

Sooo you know how I cut? Well, yeah. I did that. Cut, I mean.

The problem is, while having to wait so long to write this entry, what I was supposed to talk about kinda got stamped so now I have no idea what to say.

I should go do my homework.

I should do more art.

I should be more.

(Hey man, we're workin' on it)

I know, it's just that sometimes I doubt we'll ever make it.


Because I know myself. I know that like someone with ADD (my sistah), I can never finish what i started and I'm interested in too much. All my friends already know what they want to be. I want to be more than one thing. I want to be a doctor, a historian, a youtuber, I dunno.

(Little things, man. Don't put TOO much pressure on yourself. I know us, too. That will kill it.)

Yeah but sometimes that lack of pressure makes it so I never improve my artwork. My writing. I never get past the blocks.

(You will. I promise. These aren't empty words.)

I don't know...

(You're feeling better, now, eh? Use this. Use it to do your best)

I want to keep documenting!

(Well do it as often as you can, but do the other stuff too)

Okay I'm losing touch. I gotta go. Bye.