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2014-05-18 10:21:57 (UTC)

Dodged a bullet

I decided to go visit Mum and mow the lawn so jumped on my bike and headed home. I saw a police car heading back into town and was relieved I was only doing 105 in the 100 zone and he kept driving. I continued thinking I'm in no hurry I'll stick to the speed limit. I got to the port turnoff and it's nice asphalt for the curve so I wrapped it out in 1st, 2nd before I saw a car parked up at the next corner. Behind the car and on the other side of the next intersection was a TV reporter and camera man and a Cop... I'm boned. Turns out they were finishing off an investigation of a push bike accident about an hour before. The Cop told me I was lucky he didn't have his speed camera, he looked at my license, walked around my fairly unroadworthy bike and told me to go and stay under the speed limit. Someone up there must be looking out for me.

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