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2014-05-16 21:44:41 (UTC)

To Kenny and Laura or better know as mom and dad

You say its my life, but is it?
You say it's my choice, but is it?
You call my name, but never to say i love you.
You say a diary is privet, yet you read it.
You say you love me, yet you yell and hit me.
You say its my choice to pick my job, yet you say i cant be a social worker.

Growing up you told me suicide is never the answer, but why do i feel like its the only way out. No parent should make their child feel like they are no better than the help. Like the only reason you had me was for free help and an extra pair of hands.

Why have children if your only intention is to mistreat them?

You say!!!!!
You say!!!!!
You say!!!!!
I don't hate you, i love you. But you make me hate my self, you make me feel unwanted, unneeded...Unloved.