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me and my life
2014-05-16 16:19:08 (UTC)


For the first time i am so content with the job.. i mean i am compromising on some part but still its not pain i ass. i am very happy with the job but i am not showing my overwhelmness coz i dont wanna spoil later n plus its within i donno. good work, sal, mates and lets see how i work...pheww i shud get results...hmm determined
I am relived that i got job, have BF n also kissed :P :D just the thing is abt my sis i want her to settle down in her life ASAP. i want all good with her then ill be on top of world her happiness means to me a lot. ill do anythg for her. i belive in my god and i know everything will happen good. :) i love you ganpati bappa please bless my sis n let her n mom be alwas healthy, happi n satisfied in life.
About sujju... we talk over phone every night i kinda got addicted to him. do does he. sometimes he is like pain in ass but then nothing remains for long time i am afraid if it happen. i want him but have hitch in mind n heart coz he is highly unpredictable. i love him :* i miss him alot n we both are just craving for him. i am still living in those moments wen we were together n wen we brings chills through my spine. muuhhhaaa i wish i cud have smooched him :P
i feel safe wen with him... but somthings of his make me think like not showing tattoo. lil ego and his anger i knw nothing can b perfect but it has to b atleast sorted n clear. he has time on sunday n we can meet but i am not sure. i have lot work to do like parlour, rest n other work i might go also.
now we will talk over phone n we both are like love u baby, i love a lot i want u,babu :( come to me.. kiss u, miss u, hug me... nothing bad or sexual intentions just we both craving for each other to meet n show our love. hehe... but i like that moment our cuddling memories give me goosebumps :) ;) i feel so relaxed n zonked n good like a therepy wen i talk love with him :) donno wats gonna happen ahead but for now i wanna feel love n be in love n wanna do which i shud have done before listen to heart and feel happy
god bless me n my family. love u :)
spending time with mom is missed alot... i am planning to give her somethg cool on her bday but after salry that will be late but still mayb gold thing lets see... :)
cyaaaaa alll happy :)