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2014-05-14 23:06:13 (UTC)

A Boy Named Hunter

Sorry, I totally lied when I said I would tell you more about Hunter the next day. I totally passed out as soon as I got home. It was only an 8 hour nap, but it was twice as much as I'm used to lately. It felt amazing.

Well, besides the excitement of my nap, I will start talking about Hunter! Ya nosey readers are interested when it comes to a girl being madly head over heels for a boy. And so here you go:

His name is Hunter. He is tall and still growing. He's probably around 5 foot 10 at the moment, but I'm totally good with that considering my 5 foot 2 status. The only good thing about his height is that when he hugs me, I feel like I'm engulfed into his chest and arms. Also, his heads leans on top of mine. It's some pretty good stuff if you ask me. Anyway, he is also very dark. He is hispanic, although he isn't even sure from where because he was adopted. (His biological parents had him when they were extremely young.) And on that note, his hair is extremely dark too. I've never been with a boy with darker hair than me. I would consider it black although I know it's just the darkest shade of brown there possibly could be. And his hair is long. Ok, so maybe a turn off for some of you girls who are into the clean, shaven hair for the male beings because I know that's typically my case. (Although between him and my first kiss... well... that would not prove it to ya, would it?) Just know that his hair looks really nice, even for a high schooler. He told me he is cutting it over the summer though. Ha, ok so enough shallow talk about his hair.. hmm okay

His personality is amazing! I know he loves me so much I mean he gets a little over protective at times, but I kind of like it. It makes me know that he is constantly looking out for me. We text each other constantly and facetime whenever I'm not doing homework. (I've fallen asleep in front of the screen a few times from exhaustion. Ha, oops.) He is just so funny and good to everybody. He isn't fratty. He isn't nerdy. He's just that boy next door.

He isn't into the whole drug and alcohol and party-party scene. That's very different from me. (I DO NOT DO DRUGS THOUGH!) I promised him I would cut the act. It's not a big deal as long as I have him. He has to make some sacrifices too. I mean I play tennis all of the time, so as soon as I have free time he has to make it his free time to in order for us to see each other at all. I think it will work. He's never too busy.

He just works out a lot. He's a baseball and a basketball player. He games a lot too. He's actually amazing at it. He is top something in the country. Oh my god. Society is probably judging him so hard right now. Stop it! I like this boy.

He is a family person. He has a lot of them. One of his sisters is actually named Brooke! I don't know if that is going to be weird, but I've met her, and she seems really sweet. His youngest brother, Sam, is so adorable. Hunter hangs out with him a lot, and I can tell that Sam looks up to him because he tries to act like him a lot. A family boy is good by me. I know then that he isn't just being nice to me, but everybody as a whole.

Ok, so I think I should be done now. This is getting slightly scary. I hope he never finds this...

Brooke Something

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