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me and my life
2014-05-13 16:48:40 (UTC)

hie der....

Today was my 2nd day at office.. surprisingly i find nothing annoying their 0_o hehe.. ya everything is just fine n proper but i really have to work hard to bring sales n profit pheww n i know ill do it for sure :)
my meet with sujju is still in my head:D it is not forgettable obvio i had my first kiss.. then i don't feel mesmerising than i feel now :p i feel i should have kissed him more on lip.. i want to hope to see him soon n this time ill i make sure will not any regret. i dont want more than this.. for me kiss is showing how i love him, how much i miss him n how happy to see n be with him muuuhhaaaa. i can't believe that we r in a relation i mean i am in a relationship with a guy n a guy like him totally unexpected. hope to see him on sunday :( miss him alot...donno how i have fallen in love with him :) afta last meet more loving him.. hope he stans upto my expectatons n everythg goes well.
wow!!! life on track bf and job both same time :) :D
i shud thank my god love u god thx n bless me :)