The Days of my Life
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2014-05-12 21:28:59 (UTC)

i want to leave

Im just gonna write things that i should never forget about this guy.... things were going great in my mind until... nini came along. Then the hurtful text messages came along... they were texting eachother sexually... she even stayed at our house for a week. No tellin what she and he did while i was working... :( :( :( he got caught multipul times. And i forgave 3 times. First... was on thier phones,.second, after I caught them, third, at the hotel... :( he was still texting girls online. And... one morning I woke up and her legs were on his lap. One text said... lets do that again in the back room.;) She said okay ;) our sex life then ended... then kristi came along(new girl) same shot except... she didnt stay. He even said. "I want to hang out as long as my girlfriend doesnt find out" "i will make up an excuse" "i want to kiss you" OMG... Then then after he said. You have "my word" he was at work.... he texted two girls alyssa olter, and katie hoffman. Alyssa and him even exchanged numbers.. and katie told him off. Im a very attractive girl. Look me up [email protected] he broke his word... :°( Now I am sitting here sad as fuck... he always has excuses on why I cant touch him... his wothdrawls, bad back, bad knee, and now... a small rash on his arm. He says his reason why is so I wont get his rash