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2014-05-12 17:15:00 (UTC)

ranting again

So Aida and Lucas are closer than ever basically, i said a while ago that i was jealous of Aida for having Lucas. But the more i get to know him, the more i know he is totally gross. Hes one of those guys that jokes about sex and periods, which is NOT my kinda guy, but hes a good match for Aida i guess.

A while ago aida was all sad cuz she said she felt like she was a third wheel around me and laura. Which is not surprising because she is so caught up with lucas.-

WAIT ONE THING- So its pretty weird how nakki doesnt really fit into any groups, like id say me, laura and aida would all consider nakki as one of our best friends, but we never really hang out with her (after school), and nakki doesnt really belong in our groups. But she just kinda always tags along anyway. Like there are a few different groups;, laura and aida
2 me, laura, aida and lucas
3 me, laura, aida, lucas, andy and tate
4 me, tate and andy
Nakki belongs in none of them! its freaky! like i think shes lucases friend kinda but she has no classes with me, aida, laura, lucas, tate or andy so she isnt really any of their friends.

-ANYWAY me and laura have really been annoyed by aida with all her lucas crap! She NEVER has time for us anymore. So i asked aida if she could come over for present planning for lauras bday which is 50 days away! (Dont forget ill be in the US for a month so not that much time left) aida goes, oh i cant ILL PROBABLY BE HANGING OUT WITH LUCAS ON SATURDAY, like as if shes already reserved all her saturdays for him. I would have been fine for sunday, it just infuriated me how she could reject present planning for laura like that. Like even laura said that it made her feel really bad, as if she didnt care bout her bday. So we started this fight, and aida just DIDNT GET IT. So i said many things, laura was cautious about what she said, but i just let it all spill out because i needed it to. And after the fight in lunch aida started giving us crap about how we made her cry, and how we didnt have to drop a bomb on her like that. And the truth is we all needed that bomb, i needed it, she needed it. We all did, i think it will make us stronger. Aida just kept on saying i would have understood if u said it nicely! She totally would not, like we have tried. She just didnt get it.

ANYWAY i think thats it for now. Ill try and write about something other than my problems next time.