The Days of my Life
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2014-05-12 07:30:14 (UTC)

mothers day

Well... its mothers day. I took my mom sister brother in law, and nephew out. I had a great day other than... my bf making my night suck... i am going to diet again. And recut my hair. He HATES laying by me :( :( :*( truly makes me sad... nothing I do will nake him want me. I hate it... it makes me sad. Im trying to put on an act that Im happy. What creates happiness...? I dont know what to do... nothing nothing... im watching labryth which makes me miss my ex... :( but i know deep down... he was no good. I miss certain qualities he had. Like.. we would actually have sex... still he was no good. Is there any guy who just plain out likes to cuddle, be faithful, have a job, money, and really loves me.? He is confusing :( all i want is a real boyfriend... -_-