2001-10-10 16:58:49 (UTC)

Hey everyone... this is my 1st..

Hey everyone... this is my 1st entry so i'll sorda introduce
my self.. My name is Kendra and i am a freshman @ A.L Brown
(Go WonDeRz)I'm in the marching band.. but just b/c you hvae
to have one yr. of marching band to be on bandfront:-/ that
sucks but next yr hopefully i'll be a bandfront girl so i
won't have to worry.. well anywayz..we are out of school for
the rest of the week which is a REALLY good thing!! I don't
have to play in the band this week b/c weplay at statesville
so for once i get to watch my boyz Play (LoL)Well I am going
to go I might walk over to libbys for awhile..
LuV ya
P.S Good Luck Wonders
Special shoutz to my boyz..
Porter~ u go boy #75
Adam~ Good Luck Buddy #93
Kendall~ur HOTT!! LoL #54