A lady in the crowd
2014-05-10 09:03:06 (UTC)

One Day.

You're the apple of my eyes
I'm determined to do anything
Someday I'll make you proud.

I dread to hug you
Yet you wouldn't hug me back.
You've neglected me for so long
Why must you push me away?

The doors are slamming
You're screaming your lungs out at me
Shouting heartless words.
Throwing everything your eyes come upon on
Broken glass decorates the floors
'You forget you're a mother,
'You forget I'm your daughter.

You've always wanted a boy not a girl.
My existence being your biggest mistake

I'm a bastard.
I know Mother,
I know.

A time when I was a young child
The young age of five
I had one
Picture with my father
Enraged you snatched my precious picture
You searched for a pair of scissors
Cutting him out of the picture
"Your father has never loved you." You told me.

Tell me,
Do I have the hideous eyes of my father?
Is that why you gaze at me with hatred?

I may be setting myself up for failure
I don't care, I'm naive enough to have faith
To believe that

Someday you'll hug me back
Someday you'll be proud of me.
Someday you'll say, "I love you too."
~Yours truly,