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2014-05-08 22:45:12 (UTC)

Shitty Person But MERICA

It's only been a few days since we've last talked, but it feels like weeks. It's like I'm craving his attention. I am such a shitty person.

"Aw, no you're not!"

Well, thanks... but yes I am.

I have already friendzoned him once before. And now here I am wanting to be more than friends, but unsure if I'm ready for it.

All he has done for me is text me constantly, wanting to facetime me every night, and checking up to make sure I'm okay.

In reciprocation I began to drink and party. Those are the two things he dreads the most. We have talked about it, but he only came to agreement with what I have done... and do.. just because he, "wants me to be happy."

What is wrong with me? I really like him now, but I can't ruin the friendship. It's too early on in high school to see him walking around in the halls after we break up. (That is, if we ever get together.) I mean I'm a freshman for pete's sake.


Anyway, I'm looking onto a brighter note. I'm helping this kid run for VP, and so tomorrow morning I am going to the high school much earlier to put up posters with him and my two other friends. (One of which wanted to become president earlier in this year. We are much closer now, at least I think.) Best part of this whole thing is that he is bringing us all Starbucks. YUM. I love to work politics and drink caffeine. It TOTALLY makes up for going to math class tomorrow.

Brooke Something

P.S. The publicity I've already given this kid has gone far. I literally tweeted maybe twice. He's told me that a lot of people he doesn't know is going up to him to talk, and this one kid told him he can get him a lot of money if he goes on this one website. Okay, so that part might be sketchy, but, hey, I'm giving him the PR he asked for, right? :-)

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