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2014-05-07 23:10:14 (UTC)

I Take Life Sunny Side Up II

Oh! There is just soo much to rant about!!! Can I puh-lease just let it all out? It's been waaaaay too long, Journal.

You see I have kind of gotten over my first love, but I don't want to. I know he has an awful reptutation and he doesn't even go to my school anymore due to age difference, but ugh...

The thing is.. I don't think he likes me as much anymore. I mean I wouldn't know, but it just seems like it. I mean, sure, he may have tweeted something that could be aimed at me and mean he still loves me, but we can never be sure. People still say he loves me, but we can never be sure, fellow readers!

AGH. I feel a little hyper at the moment. Giddy. Let's use that word instead.

This is because I finally feel back on my feet. I don't have to worry about any dumb shit anymore. I mean, yes, I have to still worry about my awful math teacher, but this sooo makes up for what I had been going through... what with Ivana and all.

I should also mention that along with my first love I may have a thing for a really good guy friend. He would be good for me. He doesn't want to drink or smoke. He likes only a few people at a time. He's an honest guy. There is nothing wrong with him really, but I also don't want to lose him as a friend. I don't know. I really like him though... it's just so tempting... I just wow.. maybe I'm horny? Maybe it's infatuation? Who knows.

ALSO! I'm starting a feminist club at my school next year. I went to a concert and a completely wasted Sophomore hugged me and said she knew I was a feminist and how we should make a club. Well, I guess she remembered, and so now we are making plans.

I'm also going to research my cafeteria's food. I want to bring healthier, cheaper alternatives. This food is disgusting. I never buy it. This would also really look good on those transcript things. You know.. if I really cared about those things.

Honestly, just do what you like to do. And when you do it, do it with complete passion. Only good things are to come.

Brooke Something