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2014-05-07 23:01:18 (UTC)

I Take Life Sunny Side Up

Life is looking up, folks! I am no longer looking back into my past, for I have too much going on in my present. Seriously, let's just take a look:

I've been having parties over the weekends. Well, so far only 2, but they have been pretty stellar. And on the note, I hooked up with a Junior. It was to get over my first love. (Wow, that must have sounded totally corny.) It wasn't the best idea though considering he was one of the tennis player's ex (I mean I did clear it with her, but still) and also the fact that I'm still not over my first love.

He came to my first party, my first love. I kicked him out. It's the little steps that transitions it into something.

Also I've been playing in more tennis tournaments. I won one! WOOHOO! I even got into the newspaper for that one! Double WOOHOO!!! I should be playing in more starting June. I'm going hardcore this summer.

My friends are better than ever! I'm still not friends with Ivana, and Bella is still kind of shaky, but that doesn't even matter to me anymore. I have gotten to good terms with the people I've had a "fallout" with like I planned. I have even gotten my friends to find rides. Everybody is loving me right now. It feels pretty fantastic.

So we've got the parties...the boys...the tennis... and now the friends...

What I haven't told you is my ultimate high school goal. I want to become school president! I made some little steps just yesterday. I'm now going to be the school's senator!!! Also I decided to help Lexie's Junior friend to run for VP this year. We created a hashtag for him. It's pretty snazzy. To my dismay, this one girl completely copied it, and it created slight drama. However now she got rid of her tweet and somebody called her out on it, so I think we should be good. I'm just a little worried....deep breaths... : )

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