Experienced Life
2014-05-06 23:13:37 (UTC)

So far so good

Well, it's been some time now since kiddos left. Time is doing it's thing so I guess I'm doing ok. I play dart league twice a week, stay later at work, and I'm back with my single parent's group doing all these social things. We actually created a new group. Different head honcho but the same people from the other group. I told them I don't have my kiddos but they say I'm Grandfathered in so it's nice to feel you belong somewhere.

We already have two camps set for this month. We're going to Brannan Island on the weekend of the 16th and to Bass Lake at the last weekend of this month. Got me some new cool camping stuff. Sleeping mats, new cool flashlight, inflatable King size bed that can be folded into two twin mattresses. I'm so freaking ready to go out and have some relax time.

I logged on earlier and saw my last post complaining about now sleep so I took a couple of sleeping pills before I logged back in hopefully I won't be up till 3AM again. :)

I still feel bad about the kiddos but at least now, I have other things on my mind so I'm not so depressed like before. Like I said, time heals and it's so true. Getting tired, gonna go to bed and it's only 12;30AM at night.

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