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me and my life
2014-05-06 16:09:21 (UTC)

If's and Buts of life...

I have said this, pondered over on this many a times that one little different move and life would have been really different. if i wouldn't have quit TATA... if my sis wouldn't have married nilesh...if i would have studied something different..
today i feel like writing a lot... abt wat i think and all.. i am going thru very bad phase in life. so this keeps me pondering what shud be done to make things workout. i know in everyone's life problem is there but, my life is troublesome its not letting me live peacefully. really! i dont have any good reason to be happy about.. to flaunt that see this thing makes me happy n i have it... but, unfortunately nothing is like that in my life
i have an idel life in my head wer i want my life to be like that. where i have a supa nice job in which i am very mch happy n content n gud salary n i am not cribbing abt it. and good fit body ill work hard in gym obivio den i dont mind if i have to wakeup early for the same then...loving bf who shud not b perfect but ideal one... and good house with mom n my future picture i dont see my dad anywer :p not bcoz i dont bother but he lessen my reason to be happy by creating nusiance :P ;) hehe and what gud life wer my struggles will pay off phewww donno wen this will happen...