The Days of my Life
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2014-05-06 12:05:03 (UTC)

why its not working

Goodmorning... well.. i thought things were going good between adam and i until... be said... i was happy to go home. Then this "hot blonde" nurse came in and let me go home. I dont trust the asshole... errr i hate him... seriously do. Im starting to not look at him the same. He has no respect for me... i could do better. What a FUCK. I feel I should leave before I get hurt.
Reasons would be:
- Nini
-Aylssa Olter
-Katie Hoffman
-and... other bitches he has tried to hit up
-Drug problem isnt getting any better
-He is always broke
-mood swings
-he never likes to have sex
-Only loves me when... he is on drugs
(I guess he needs drugs to love me)

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