A lady in the crowd
2014-05-06 03:05:41 (UTC)

Nightmares Pass Time Midnight.

Nightmares Pass Time Midnight.

She's delirious!
Come companions, watch this spectacular
Before your very eyes
The sight of an incurable disease,

Observe as she slowly succumbs!
What an eye-catching view

I was only a child, yet the reminders of you,
Are forever engraved in my memory
For eternity the memories of you
Vivid Still crystal clear water.

My Reyna, you were
I was your knight
Your tiny protector
My Reyna, I couldn't save you from your fate!
My Reyna, I swore I saw you blink before
Your burial.

Now I'm having Nightmares
The time is always Pass midnight
Two in the morning
Three in the morning
'Four in the morning
Always pass time twelve
I ask myself

Reyna, you'll always be my queen
The manner you held me tightly
When my mother never did

I swore I saw you blink before your burial
Nightmares pass time midnight
Indeed they're very alive till this day.

Authors Note: Dedicated to a special elderly woman. She would always be visit the nursing home. She was homeless and my grandma decided to bring her into our home. I was approximately nine years old when she passed away. She had cancer, luckily she succumbed quickly.

None of her family members came to the funeral. They abused her not only emotionally but physically. They don't know that she passed away over six years ago. It appears as if she didn't matter. Yet Reyna mattered to me and she was an important influence throughout my childhood.

~Yours truly,