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me and my life
2014-05-03 11:37:31 (UTC)

nothing is clear

I donno why is it wit my life only... pheww so damn tired. inspite of doing so much of adjustments and so much of compromise so much of trying n not giving up i make myslef a fool really. this time with sujju. we made a deal of meeting every sunday so that we will get a chance to know each other and take our relationship to another level but, there is always shortfall from his side :( and i always have to say its OK but, how long?? how long will i be OK?
today he says that he is not well which means indirectly that we cannot meet.. i am so upset and also feeling down and i donno how to describe hat i am feeling rite now :( i am alwaz the victim. ;( i feel so sad to write all bad things in this diary when will i write something good in this diary so upset :( shyeeee.. today night i will not call him neither will wait for his call. ill now adopt go to hell and i giva damn attitude to world coz the more i care the more i make fool of myself... maybe coz i crave for this things.. i wish all this to hapen n i am also ready to make adjustments. i am so ready that i am accepting the past of sujju and ready to be with him... donno i have to think that whateva happen ,happens for a reason.
donno whtas wrong? n how long do i have to wait for right time.? donno just fucking donno.....