Erin Burr

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2014-05-01 17:09:16 (UTC)

Complicated answers to simple questions

I am surprised to see the botched state execution getting so much press. Of course there is the, "he deserved, what he got," factor. Although I do not believe in the death penalty does not mean in the slightest that I do not believe in punishment.

I study. I am very aware that the world houses monsters. Does the United States produce more monsters than elsewhere? I believe it may be possible, however limited data as usual makes any stand merely speculation.

My position is that state execution is murder, regardless of the crime convicted. Yes we have monsters, no they can not be repaired, yes they are an enormous threat to society, but the state is not God and death really should occur on Gods time.

As previously described, there are too many mistakes. Especially now as modern technology meets with old southern prejudice, and the old boys clubs. Yes, I said southern. Do I believe that everyone in the south is prejudice? Of course not; but If I were looking for a cross burning, the south is where I would look. The south followed by Idaho, but I will leave that comment as such.... for now.

Prison labor is valuable. I am not a fan of prison labor, especially in a corporate arena. My point is: a convict is more beneficial to society left alive and working. Prison, like war stimulates economy. How awful is that?

I do want to update information on the execution itself. There was a stay, which was issued by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, based on the mystery drugs planned to be used. Followed by the good old boys of Oklahoma demanding the resignation of the Supreme Court Justices. The states white, right wing female Governor stated the execution would follow "her" timeline, quickly thereafter the Justices folded and lifted the stay.

I wish the Supreme Court had, "held it's grounds..."

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