Erin Burr

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2014-04-30 22:24:02 (UTC)

Simple answers, complicated questions.

Yesterday a young man shot 6 people at an FED-EX hub. I believe he was 19 years of age. I do not recall what state, as of late tracking issues by state has little importance. It used to though, back in the day.

In Chicago a young girl, I believe 14 years of age, killed a classmate over a boy. It appears she attempted to shoot the victim with a gun, the first attempt was unsuccessful. An observer fixed the problem handing the gun back resulting in point blank murder.

A states execution failed to some extent. An error in the distribution of medications created a delay, a cease, and ultimately killed the condemned by heart attack. He was in his 30's. The descriptions are horrendous. This case had been challenged based on the right to know what medications would be used for the lethal injection. This effort only allowed for an extra week or so, before the still undisclosed meds apparently failing. Perhaps it was failure to administer. It is unlikely I will ever know.

Do I believe in the death penalty? No. Why? Originally because of the words of Justice Learned Hand, who stated the the system is haunted by the innocent man is the unreal dream.

As time went on, I realized that the system itself has failed. Often I have said Thomas Jefferson rolls in his grave. Lately because so many people have been found innocent after losing their entire life to a failed system.

Lastly, whats the difference? Cost? No. The private prison economic system has made prison labor valuable. Corporations with some needs left within these, "The United States," utilize modern slavery. The rest of the force is overseas. Even the simpliest of tasks. Check craigs list Mumbia. Funny thing is, not only is the corporation not liable to domestic taxes they also can clearly state that they are only interested in people within the ages of 20-30. Good job Coca Cola, Mr. Buffet, Mr Ichon. You did swell.....You have shattered my heart and that of my forefathers.

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