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2014-04-29 09:58:18 (UTC)

me time

I cried alot yes i donno particulary for what. Maybe for.mixedup reasons. For.job, sis,personal life,frustration for sujju n me everythg den i decided dat i cannot be at home for tomorrrow i really need me time. And decided to go to mall n i am in mall right now. From 12.45pm m now its 3.30pm i am reading book,mouching around,had luch wic was pathetic n he den replaced the order wit some dosa which i threw half of now reading boook. I was expecting sujju to call me coz it eaa i who would keep his track wen he would roam here n der in his bad times so i thot he will also but no he dint bothered i did say him that i am going somewer donno wer but ya i am goin somewere... he said ok go n dint call den vry much disappointing :-(
I will movr from here by 5.00 so dat ill reached at 6 @ home... sujju is really not behaving as per his qords his words says sonehing else n his action sometihg else. I knw he has love for me buut i cant see in his actions i find there is somthg he is hiding.. donno i made quite gud decision by comi g here n spending time with myself. Readi g book now as listing music will drain my battery. I di t say mom abt dis i just said i hav some work beside mall den ill go to mall n eat somthg dats it. I lied partially but not for any bad doing.. i lied so dat she shud not worry.. love u mom
Yest night i was broken down it was lik too much to handel n frustrated
Days will be gud soon. I hope. I am not on whatsapp n nobody is botherd i guess i expect too much from ppl i shudnt its not rite. Today i tjot sujjuay effort to meet me.. i show i dont care if he doesnt meet me but it doea affect me. Stupid fool me. :'(:'(:-(
Olrote at nigjt je will giv me call n den will see wat talks hapen between us for now its complicated.:-[