My Heart Is Not A Machine
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2014-04-28 22:29:38 (UTC)

Beginning of the end

April 28th, 2014 - 11:30PM
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Oh my. A lot of things have happened between now and my last post. I probably can't write about it all but I'm happy to report everything has been fine and dandy.

I graduate college in two weeks. Two weeks! How did college go so fast? Even though the past four years felt like a blur I'm so excited to leave and start my new life. I'm not so excited to living with my parents again for an unknown amount of time. It wouldn't be so bad if my dad didn't treat me like I'm 5. For example, he freaked the fuck out when I spent ONE night in Atlantic City on spring break. JUST ONE NIGHT. With my boyfriend. Who he already met.


Anyway. I already talked to Z about post graduation life. He said he was nervous about starting his new job, living in the city, and not being able to see me as much. That scared the hell out of me, but he assured me he isn't worried about our relationship, just the transition of a new career and life. I completely understand, it definitely is scary. I have no doubts about us down the road, I mean he will still live near me and we'll both probably be working in the city. I just hope it works out for the best.

In terms of jobs I haven't found any, but I managed to snag two interviews for two different internship opportunities. One is for an advertising agency and the other one is for a design and textile company. They both sound great, however I have to wait until I'm back home to interview for the textile company. If I happen to receive both offers I have no idea which one I'd pick. I do know that both offers would eventually lead to a full time job, which is great. Job searching is probably the most frustrating thing ever, not to mention the countless bullshit cover letters no one reads.

Tomorrow is my last day of class. Ever. It's a really weird feeling. I was scared to graduate but now I feel ready to move on. This is the first time in my life I won't return to school in the fall. Instead I'll be (hopefully) earning some income and commuting on the train everyday in nice work clothes.

Wait... do I really want to be a true adult? :P

Time to take full advantage of my last two weeks as a college student!

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