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2014-04-28 08:04:05 (UTC)

An another failure...

Yup between me and Sujju.. yipieee love failure, as i always thought that i had tasted all failure but not love failure as see how quick it happened. wat all bad things i think are happening true lolzzz bwahahaha now i am mocking on me coz i really feel to do laugh at myself... reason is silly but yup nothing's gonna happen. i alwaz make my heart understand that everything's gonna b fine wait have faith in god but dhuuussssss no no no no nothings gonna b alright n neva ever.
still ill try so that i shud not have reason on my capabilities ;( very emotional phase of life m going thru ;( ;( its hurting me in my heart poking me i feel yelling lout my lungs ;( very sad n i think my life is meant for this only.... tooo much stresss phewwwww.. but crying helps me
cyaaa hope ill someday with gud news :)