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2014-04-23 12:28:01 (UTC)

ups n downs

Between sujju n me its like up n down... we both start chatting and den end up with some misunderstanding.. mostly from his side :( he is so short tempered that he doesn't realise what he is talking, Later he feel guilty n apologise but, how many times will i neglect? he also say so how many times i'll make mistake n say sorry? he has realisation but he is helpless... abt his anger pheww!
I love him! i have started expecting from him. yesterday i spoke my heart out about he not giving me attention, not calling me not chatting with interest :( he was again sorry about it. i sometimes don't understand him. what he wants? what he expects n all.. but i just love him.. mayb i was seeking love and found but, his one negetive point will ruin everything i am so worried. :( i want to spend time with him ..i want to hug him n lost in him, i want to kiss him cudle him show him my love and want same form him too. i do fantasies getting married to him n how lovely life ill spend with him as i alwaz wanted, but things never happen as i wanted ;( hmmm god knows whats gonna happen.
job still searching :( i am all zero in my life personal, professional and love :( so sad life :(
sujju sometimes say some cute and unexpected things that i feel out of world n forget everythg and sometimes he say so harsh that i feel sad. very much unpredictable he is. hope things will fall good side.