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2014-04-23 01:01:30 (UTC)

Another quiet night

So, it's another quiet night. I pulled some massive weeds around the house today after work. I thought I'd be exhausted after that so I figured no need for any sleeping pills. Not!!!! It's 2:00AM and I'm still awake. lol

Just kicking back watching tv, on my laptop, iPad, and iPod. Never enough stuff to fulfill my mind. Practiced some darts too. Work was busy but fun. Pretty much a drama free day which is fine with me. Didn't shoot any pool but a package came in. It's a dvd on learning how to play better pool. When I do stuff, I really go all out sometimes and since it's fun, then why not?

Normally this is a boring day but for my life, this is more than fine with me. :) Garbage day tomorrow. I grabbed all the kiddos shoes and threw them in the trash. Maybe one day, it will be more exiting but I know that isn't part of my life right now. Going to try to get some sleep. I'm hoping for 4 hrs.