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2014-04-23 04:52:15 (UTC)

he's back

yeah so Jan came back. I sent him a message and he has came back around. It doesn't seem the same this time. He changed so much the last month that we were together. I really didn't like the person that he had become. Well, he is still that person I guess. Either he doesn't care at all or I really messed him up. We talk fine and all that but I can't help the feeling that too much is different. Even I don't think that we will make it this time. I don't feel the closeness that we always had. I think when I said I didn't care... I really did mean it. I wanted him back so bad, but maybe I really have lost interest in him after all. he went out with his buds last night and then we didn't talk today. I take that as a sign that he has left again. we will see... If it doesn't get better and he started to act like himself again then I don't think that we will still talk. I know that it is going to take time to get back to where we were.. I'm not stupid and expect that everything will all be :D happy and perfect. it has to be realistic and all. every time that he has came back on his own begging to get me back I have been fair and good to him. he isn't making it easy though this time. well here's to love and confusion. <3

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