No one I know knows this exists
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2014-04-22 19:57:27 (UTC)

Day 1

Dreamed about the episodes of Nikita I've been watching lately and woke up alert thinking I'm ready to start doing instead of thinking. Then my alarm went off for 5am. I normally turn it off but this time I thought wow... I feel good... I'm going for a run. I got my gear on and headed out. I got to the river and followed the path to the boardwalk dead end a mile away and found I was busting for the loo. Thought about heading for work and using the code door to get to the toilets but made it back home practically bursting. Not the best way to start a morning but better than sleeping in like I normally do. With any luck, it'll be less time before I make my third entry.

Something irritating, I want new friends but whenever I see anyone I avoid them and don't make eye contact - stoopid brain.