my life
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2014-04-22 03:19:31 (UTC)

well this is something new

Okay I don't ever really do this kinda thing but I'm at a point in my life were I need somewhere to vent/ express myself/ tell my story so here goes nothing name is Lilly I'm 19 I live in new York, I have 3 kids... I'm a waitress so moneys always tight. But I manage ... I grew up in California my parents well my dad was an alcoholic he was abusive and liked to get really touchy ... my mom was in denial.... I was always quite in school kept to myself and that kinda caught the attention of a few of my teachers as a result I got pregnant when I was 13 ... I was young and felt helpless .. well a year after I had my daughter I decided to leave home and I wound up with this Guy he was nice and really sweet the first 3 months of the relationship and then I got pregnant... he beat the shit out of me and left never seen him again so I went through this depression did a lot of stupid stuff.. finally at my 17th birthday I decided it was time for a change I then had a daughter who was 4 and a son who 2 and I took them and moved here to new York ... here I met mat and that's who I'm with now and I have a daughter with him...... and
He ...he's my boss he owns the restaurant I work in... he does abuse me but he keeps food on the table ... and clothes on my kids ... most of you reading this will think I'm crazy for staying with a Guy who hits me but you got to remember I'd do anything for my kids