sad and alone
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2014-04-22 01:24:50 (UTC)

totally screwed over again

today was a day like any other day until she got out of jail and decided to come and get her stuff. I had boxed it up to get it out of the way but didn't in anyway use or take anything of hers. so without even looking in the boxes to find the things that she thought she was missing she accused me and stole a bunch of my things to get back at me. what is this freaking middle school? grow the freak up. we are 25 and 26 years old and that is not how we are suppose to act as not only adults but mothers as well.
So I have officially decided that since I always get the screwy end of the stick I am done helping other people. If they are homeless they are gonna have to find someone else to mooch off of and potentially screw over. She was suppose to be a friend. what a good friend huh. then she had the oddasody to ramsac my house and steal things from my 3 year old daughter. Forget it. u can mess with me and I can forgive but to take things from my daughter who is an innocent toddler that is a ticket for me to hold a grudge for a lifetime.
then on top of it all she threatened to call CPS on me until she realized that no matter how many lies that she told them... I had back up and proof that would counteract what she said and that I could sue her for false accusation and slander. that's it im done

sad and alone

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