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2014-04-20 20:48:55 (UTC)

Wine tour with the group

Well, I'm back with the single parents group again. It's a new group with the same people really. They wanted a more democratic group with 6 people voting on things. Whatever (eyes rolling).

Anyway, the wine tasting was fun. 30ish of us on this tour bus. We went to 3 wineries and drank all the way to the wineries,in the wineries,and back. I observed everything that went on. This group has a special intro on their web page indicating this is for the kids and that this isn't a dating site. Well, you'd think the guys are more likely to be the ones not exactly following that rule. Not even. I was on that bus and the women were like flies on shit when there was this nice guy. He was tall, black, and very courteous. The women went nuts over him. lol . I swear, they were like a bunch of drunk guys there going goo goo over him. Lots of the women were newbies. I new only a handful of them. Most of the guys I already knew except for the black dude. I hung out with the guys and gals that I knew for a few years so I had a great time too.

So what do I think? I think the women in this group are pretty much the same as the guys in this group. We men and women are the same. I thought it was just men but nope, women are just as horny or lonely as the men are. lol. If women say they are looking for "Mr. right", I say this isn't exactly 100% true. They may indeed want someone like that but I know they are also willing to dive into something while they are waiting. I saw about a dozen women that proves me right. Ok, enough of my vain attempt at Psychology.

My friend Heidi struck out again in the love dept. She's my female wingman of sorts. She and I tell each other everything and she's in the group too. At least she always gets some action. She's on an online dating thing but she never seems to find "that" guy. She hooks up with guys from the group from time-to-time too. I don't know why she doesn't find that right guy. She is beautiful. She just doesn't seem to know what she is looking for herself sometimes. I do what normal wingmen do and console and comfort her when it goes bad. I "unfriend" any guys she ends up getting pissed at or woman that takes the guy she likes. I guess that's what a wingman does. Stupid as it seems, she's like my Sister I never had.

She and my other friend Susan were the only ones that constantly checked up on me after the kiddos went away again. They have their own lives yet spent some time to check up on me. I'm a nobody and they still tried their best to help me out. I'm glad I have great friends. I'm not good at anything else but at least I can say my friends are the best friends anyone can have. :)

Still getting nightmares but at least not as frequent. I'm taking sleeping pills so this seems to help too. Some toys still pop up when I clean the house and yard. It's not the best feeling to have but I've been manning up and it's not as bad. Time and me sucking it up is doing it's healing slowly and surely as before.

I've been saving money now or at least I've been spending it more on me. lol Work is still busy but I'm getting better on the SRX and Vmware (don't bother looking it up, it's just fancy-smanshy networking talk). Everything is easier to keep clean. Fridge doesn't pile up in food so even the fridge looks better. Even the yard looks pretty awesome. I still hate doing it but it does look good.

So tomorrow, I play dart league after work. Yep, not much of a life for now but that's all I got and I'm not getting in trouble so I guess it's ok for now. :)

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