A lady in the crowd
2014-04-18 05:08:46 (UTC)

What Is Love?

This is a simple question however millions of people fail to answer it,"What is love?" The dictionary defines love as, "An intense feeling of deep affection." But in reality can one define love with three words? When many people begin to shower you with those three words "I love you." Does love loose it's value? Can he be your Romeo and will you ever be his Juliet?

There is a famous saying that says actions speak louder than words. But can actions show the depths from the heart?

I think Love's a powerful connection that you feel towards another person. It's the only emotion which brings humans low and makes them crawl. Love doesn't mean that you have to have sex with that person to feel it. It's when you've become insane enough risk it all, you trust that person to the point where you'll willingly take a gigantic risk. The person that you love can turn your gloomiest days into perfect ones. The thought of them makes you smile and it turns your cheeks a light shade of pink. You can spend endless hours with that person and it'll feel as if it were only half an hour. You suddenly begin to do things you never thought you would, and that's one of the many effects that person has on you. Love is when you no longer question it. It's when the chances of heartache no longer matter. Love is the moment when you allow those giant tall walls and protective boundaries to tumble down. You take a leap of risk and hope the other person will catch you when you fall.

~Yours truly,