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2014-04-17 18:06:01 (UTC)

something is wrong

Yup! something is wrong with sujju. he is behaving lil weird. he is not well from past 2 days and is also on saline. i am worried for him lil. he has bcom lil frustrated. i donno why? he says that his bad temper has increased. he really needs someone to look after him. i feel for him. today, i called him n he didnt spoke good but asked me to end the call. thats not the problem.
we both say love u to each other. i donno whats gonna happen in coming days. i know he will be fine but, i get worried for him. he loves me alot. but he behaves very moody at times i feel like there is some reason behind it and he is doing with purpose. i dunno everything is so confusing. phewww!
if he is wrong or if he says me something in anger he realises it and den say me sry n how bad he is feeling. he miss me, love me. he says all those cute things sometimes unexpectedly. but over all nothing is going on smoot between us sometimes its good sometimes bad i mean i dunno whats happening n what relation we share.
my life is really very much confusing and bgffgkjgeiu like dis no word jumbled up...
gosh i should soon engage myself in some activity or else ill go in depression or ill go mad. phew....
gn all
get well soon dear! lots of love ♥