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2014-04-15 04:30:15 (UTC)

Kid's Toys

Gave my friend some of the things left behind by the ex. Guitar, piano, kid's hair coloring kit, tetherball set, and some other misc. It's stuff I needed out to help clear my head. I bought them all for the kiddos but I guess it was too much to fit in someone's moving van. Funny how you remember all the memories of when the kid's were playing/using them. Sure does hurt, but at least my friend's kiddo will make good use of them.

My friend was talking about how she was going to make a tetherball set with an old tire, concrete and all that stuff for her child and I said "hey, today is you lucky day" and told her that I had one to give her. She was shocked and pleasantly surprised.

I still need a yardman or yard person to do my lawn. Landlord said it was getting out of control. Yeah, it sure was. With all the rain that came and me not even looking at the back yard it looked pretty messed up. I guess I wasn't in the mood. I'd like to just hire someone instead of doing it myself. I still remember doing rich people's yard with my Dad way back when. We were poor and we were the people that did yard service to make ends meet. I now hate having to do lawn. Not the labor itself but the memories of being piss ass poor.

I never got anything or much of anything when I was a kid. Never like the food my Mom cooked. It was always mostly veggies of some sort. We didn't even have roast chicken. Forget steak, that wasn't in our vocabulary. lol Some of the good ole days were not so good.

I did get some rest last night. It was nice to sleep with peace. Not waking up with your heart racing or waking up full of anxiety due to some stupid dream. Instead, I just woke up and for a few seconds while life flooded back into my head, I was at peace even when awake. I'll take those few seconds and the few hrs of peaceful sleep.

I know I've said this before in previous posts and I know it to be true. Time heals. It always does. I also get knocked down from time-to-time but I always seem to stand back up (eventually anyway). I'm not getting any silly texts which is awesome! Still a long ways from being my normal jaded self but whatever. I'm still stoked that I got some rest. :)