A lady in the crowd
2014-04-15 00:58:15 (UTC)

Spring Break.

The heat is rising in California. The birds are chirping outside as there is a lonesome girl in her bedroom. A lonesome girl turns to her left and looks out of her window. She sees all the gorgeous green trees and the bright blue sky and then she smiles. The look in her eyes gave it all away, it was the look of love. Yes she was in love with nature. It was the beauty of the trees, it was the manner they moved when the wind blew.

Summer's only a few months away; Spring Break is going to be here in three days! I have one week away from every single person in my High School! "Bye all of you dramatic savages." I need a mini vacation to relax. Time to meditate, do Yoga, play tennis in the courts, workout at the gym, and prepare for Cross Country.

~Yours truly,