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me and my life
2014-04-14 14:46:14 (UTC)

again cry

today i cried a lot in my room i wanted to scream loud n yell n cry like mad but tears rolling off my eyes r better. i have no idea what's going on n why all dis bad going on in my life. i am really pissed and i am getting hurt. this hurt is very much bad i even cant explain wer u feel like i dunno i just want to b happy n i want money job work aim in life n purpose to live. sujju keeps my mind occupied but till wen??? i have problems n they will b der untill they get solved. m so depressed i am trying my best not to go in depression but its really becoming difficult for me now... i am losing all hope n confidence. but no ill not quit ill fight try and ill succeed. its really bad worst phase of my life. i am alone who have to fight for this. ;( crying makes me feel good. but pain in heart is still there :( i am planning to cook something tomorrow to keep myself occupied but, all des things as i said are temporary i will b relaxed wen my problem will get solved. m tired of praying trying n hoping.... phewwwww
i just feel like going somewer n sitting alone. basssssss