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2014-04-13 01:03:35 (UTC)

A House Full Of Lies

A House Full Of Lies

Two houses away lies
A house full of lies
Drenched in thousands of Illusions
Approximately a million dreams
Not one becoming a reality

Then the family wonders
why their is no true happiness?
Their are no financial troubles
The house is eye-catching in over
Three million manners

The house full of lies is only
Two houses away
The house full of lies
Tortures the people in indescribable ways
Two young children, One brunette
The other blond.

Endless plastic smiles
Plastered on for the careless public
My eyes pretend to be blind
I pretend to not know
That the 'House Full Of lies'
Is the location where my pay comes from.

Authors Note: This poem is inspired from my babysitting job. I would take care of two young children, Gaby, and Natalia. My first impression was that their family a joyous family. As weeks began to pass I discovered their gruesome past. They're charming, theirs nothing that I can do but watch the abuse and stay silent. The way the mother treats them, as if they weren't humans. It's as is her two children were creatures. And all I can do is receive my paycheck pretend to be blind.

~Yours truly