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me and my life
2014-04-12 14:05:27 (UTC)


I cried couple of minutes back n feeling lil better. Tensions r same stress n everythg is same but sujju kept my occupied and i kinda forget priblems of my life.
He is brat lil kiddiah but he loves me. His words touched my heart. I doono from wer he come up wit such words lik karu u r another heart in me... i mean how cute.
I love him
I donno its rite or wrong. I hav neva taken chance n now want to shud hav taken long back but neva got chance. Now i hav reason n chance too..
I donno wats gonna happen but for now i want to b wit him. I do say him dat i love u. But he doent reciprocrate wit love u too coz den dat will bring us in relationship. He is lil hesitant or he doenst wants to b unfair wit me. Des dats he is vry bz des days in work. So cudnt giv me time. Dis is the goin on issue between us. I am so looking forward to meet him. Lets see wats stored fir me in future.
Love u.
God bless me..