Experienced Life
2014-04-10 17:55:44 (UTC)

Got A Pool table

Bought a pool table off of CL. I have delivery set up for this Saturday!!!! Wooohooo!!! Otherwise, I never got any rest since 12AM last night. Today, work was busy again but I guess I can't complain because I do have a job and the economy still sucks.

Landlord called to say the lawn is getting out of control. True, it does suck. I need to pay someone to maintain it. Dang, more money.

Hmm, I think the ex texted me again. She says I shouldn't have been complaining because I had a beautiful woman. Uh... yeah right. I never seen such a beautiful woman look so ugly on the inside as much as she is. Didn't tell her that because I was actually too busy with the pool table deal and work.

I'm pretty excited about my table. Can't wait till Saturday :)

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