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2014-04-10 12:14:54 (UTC)

1st april

Yup in 1st April 2014,i and sujit met for the first time :-)
I was dressed in jeans,black top and red shrug.he was in black swet tee n jeans.
He planned to meet at love n latte cafe were he always go n work n spend time. I reached there bfore time as he was there waiting for me. He was already standing out of cafe as his ine of frend was also coming to b wit him by the time i come. He looked good musculine, lil shy, lil awkward we both were. After his friend left we spent time boring time. Yeh was lil boring coz he had nothg to say apart from dat he was behaving indifferent. He bought white carnations and red roses for me:-) ferero rocher and also silk cadbury. I gave him silk. Then i sat beside him he talked lil did lil masti he dint show me his tattoo.:-( i dont think he is lieing abt it. But he dunt show me the tattoo.
Aftet sometime he took rose out of bunch n said me karu i love u hehe.. i smiled. After sometime we left and In auto he again said karu i really love u. I cudnt say wat all i wanted to but i love u. It was vry cute. While.leaving i saw that upset he was dat i was leaving. As he wanted to say many thgs. Even i wanted to b wit him n hug him tight. But culdnt.. while i was wautg for train he caled me dat did u left m out i again went der n saw him.. he said he came lik dat only...dat was really cute moment. There was lot of rush i was so wanting to hug him. :-*
He is not dat all handsome n all but i like him love him n now we hav started saying each other love u too. He is lil brat..he beeds someone to make him understand n love. He loves me alot.but simetimea his words n actions differ. Lets see how things happen. We sontimes endup wit arguement n sometime nicely nothing love talks much.
Love u
So looking forward to meet him.. mom knws everythg just sissy doesnt lik him much. :p
Lets thgs hapen...still looking for job phewww