Experienced Life
2014-04-09 17:30:20 (UTC)

More silly texts

Don't know why but the ex sent texts again. I tried not to dwell on them so I deleted them. She did indicate that she was a "good woman". I never actually said to her that she was a bad woman. Her actions pretty much speak for herself or so I thought. Don't know if she's trying to say it to tell me or to fool herself into believing it or what.

Anyway, I did tell her that texting is stupid and it's a poor way of communicating when the phone is available. So that was how my day went. Then at work, I found out I'm on call pretty much all week till 5PM Sunday. I still have to do my normal 8-5 shift but I'm on call after that. How nice. Maybe I'll be so mentally exhausted that I can finally sleep a little. lol

lol. I gotta smile when I think of the words "good woman". I'd hate to see what a bad woman would be.

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