always wth love

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2014-04-09 10:52:44 (UTC)

take 2 woke up strange

our small
dog started barkin and
well thats pretty
says it all
it was
at 2:07am
wayyy damn early
in the morning
id only had half-hour of sleep lifted
that took upon rest of nothing
good bout that.
im thinkin' should
get off of
on public
im going inclose
to privacy.
is that good or bad
im late
for damn class
but who fuckin cares
new people
are all strangers
what am i doin
is completely wrong
is that why!
id losted
my ipod touch
probably so??
music is where iam at now
B.o.B - John Doe ft. Priscilla
inside info. still talkin
to this new guy
whos 3 yrs older than me
to be continued