2014-04-06 04:38:24 (UTC)



Sobering up, coming down from your high. Smoke for your high? High on life? High on love? All three can just have the same effect . When you have such a high from hash oil, the fall is hard and rough. When something in your life goes great, having something go wrong is a rougher fall. But when your high on love paranoia sets in. It's all smoke an mirrors until you see that girl or guy again. It's bitter sweet. The love you feel is the love that can crush you. The saying goes "loving someone is giving them all your love and praying they don't crush you" that is more then true. I love my boyfriend very much. But this paranoia of him, cheating, thinking badly about me, forgetting me in the dust for a better girl is something that makes me wanna go back to the hookah and hash oil and get high, because when your high everything is great. Everyone is happy, but even when your high one little thing can sober you up faster then a marshmellow can catch on fire.

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