Lost Soul

~This Crazy Life Of Mine~
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2014-04-04 11:37:56 (UTC)


The last few days I've been feeling really down in the dumps. But today I feel light and free.
BLESSED to be correct.

I have a wonderful man at my side. A son whom I adore like no other. 3 brothers and 2 sisters, and the rest of my family and my dearest friends. But the next closes people who bring me joy are my nieces and nephews... 3 beautiful girls and 2 awesome boys! Sadly one of them beautiful girls has wings and a halo... My dearest "sister" (she's my in law but I don't call her that. She's my sister!) Lost her last year a few days after Christmas. It still brakes my heart to think about it. She was only 3 months old. And healthy. To this day nobody knows exactly how she dead... Anyway,

Today I get to watch one of my nephews. And watching him as he races though the house with his toys makes me so happy. It makes me realize that I need to forgive and stop letting the negative things go... And for today I have.... And it feels good!

So next time your down. Look at not what you have but who you have. Because it's simple little and big people that make life worth living and loving. Have a blessed day lovelies....

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