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2014-04-05 23:41:08 (UTC)


So basically summers coming up... Ok not really but still, like 2 months! I really think that this next summer will be the best yet. Bu ive pretty much said that every year... And they ended up sucking. Well last year wasnt bad. But it was a very lazy summer.. I should have done more. But yeah so this summer we r going to the US (well we do that every year but still) we r going like in june cuz my my cousins graduation is on the 13th.

But yeah then when we get back (dunno when thatl be but still) i think ill do a whole lot more. Like im gonna have volleyball every week (at least) this summer so i wont be all that bored AND i figured out that there r actually a lot of cool pple that live near me there is this one girl from my volleyball that lives close to me like 10-15 min on a bike. Which is awesome and then theres Janette, shes ok but yeah. And Andreas lives in siivikkala too which im excited about. I feel like ill hang out with him quite a lot this summer (i guess you could say i have a crush on him). Dont tell anyone. I have no idea why im crushing on him, like i know i shouldnt. cuz i know who he likes and thats definetly not me... Lets get back to that later.

ANYWAY, i feel like ill be a whole lot more social this summer. And im excited bout that. I feel like i have a whole lot more friends this year ya know probably cause i went into the 7th grade, and i know what youre thinkin... WHAAAAAT SHES 14 AND IN 7TH GRADE!? well yes... i am in a messed up school system... Its weird like in america id be going into high school! here im going into 8th... I dont really like it here. btw here is tampere finland. but yeah thats it... ill write again soon. maybe. ok i will. chiiiiilll

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