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2014-04-05 07:10:00 (UTC)

Big loss

There is no spinning of it. My marriage breakdown has been my biggest loss in life.

Just like that I have been stripped off being a husband and a home leader.

It’s a big loss and created a big void in my life.

I just hope I can salvage something from this wreck.

Most important my children’s welfare and future. I hope we can (both) provide them with what can resemble some kind of normality as we go our separate way. We both failed them.

There is no time. I need to put all I have accumulated into practice and make the most of the rest of my life.

I want to love Jesus.

My parents need me.

My children need me.

I have to be a conqueror, there is no other option.

One day (maybe) just maybe I may want to feel the void in my life again but the more I focus on my targets the more I realise that the more things I control the better for me. As much as possible I try not to depend on another human being. They will fail you.