always wth love

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2014-04-03 12:27:04 (UTC)

thoughts and feels

i woke up late this morning
like 5:35am
but im sooo damn tired
stranger is stranger
but what is this then.
so im wonderin what do in this
ONE class im going to fail in
cant tell anyone
unless it comes out
reasonable grade
hope and pray.
but damnt how can i do that
leaves in question.
well some good
went out for dinner with the family
great but awkwardness
as well... earrlier yesterday
i went on a chat
tlkin to a guy
whos 3 yrs older than i am
well wish me luck.
omg! im scared as hell
loads of hw for 2 classes but im almost done wth one but
not the other.
shit shit
see you mabye monday.