Modicum Tirade
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2001-10-10 16:39:29 (UTC)

My morning

Well, I suffered for about 45 minutes in the writing lab
this morning. We have to have 18 hours by the end of the
semester. It's such a struggle to waste time in there
because it's so boring. I have like 6 hours now I think.
This morning was a bit better though because this girl that
I know from my class was in there. She is really shy sort
of like me, but she is like the "cool" type. I know that
she has a boyfriend because she's talked about him in class
before. We just shot the shit for a couple minutes is all
but it made the time go faster and instead of getting
credit for 30 minutes I got credit for 45 minutes. She was
lucky because she had work from another class that she
could work on in there. I'm caught up in my other classes
so I didn't have anything to do in Lab. No fair 8
I have to go suffer through a Math lab today too. I like
the lectures from my classes, but God... those labs are
torturous. I should have taken more classes this semester,
but I was expecting my classes to be way harder than they
are. I get caught up without having to even put forth very
much effort. I'm looking for sleepless nights and study
groups and stuff... ah well. Maybe next semester. Winter
should be harder because I'm taking a full load of classes
in half the time. Well, that's about it.